Tree Care

Jimmy Boy provides the following services:

Tree Removal
We specialize in the removal of large and dangerous trees. Our staff is specially trained in the removal of dead and dying trees as well as trees that have grown too large for their space and pose a hazard to buildings and utility wires. This can and does create structural problems for your home, siding, windows, gutters etc. All trees will be removed while maintaining the integrity of the location. Debris will be cleaned up and the site will be restored with as little impact as possible.
Trimming and Ornamental Pruning and Shaping
Trees are often pruned to increase the height under the tree, reduce the overall height of the tree, remove dead or diseased branches, repair trees after storms, change the shape of a tree to make it more appealing to the eye or to increase growth or flowering. Pruning is a means of directing growth. It's done to remove dead wood, unsightly or broken branches, and diseased wood. It's also done to thin trees so that sunlight can come through the lawn below. It all sounds so simple, doesn't it? But the fact is that pruning is a skill. So don't entrust the pruning of your valuable trees to anyone but a professional.
Thinning and Removal of Deadwood
A tree can be thinned to increase sunlight and allow lower branches to grow. Removal of deadwood keeps the tree healthy and reduces the chance of injury or property damage from falling limbs. This work is often referred to as “winter proofing” or “storm proofing” trees to minimize snow/ice damage as well as lessening chances of wind damage from winter storms/ nor’easters or hurricanes.
Stump Grinding
After a tree is removed, the stump should also be ground to prevent insect infestation and unsightly decay. The stump can be ground below the surface six to eight inches and you may back fill it to the surrounding grade. This allows you to reclaim the spot for lawn, shrubs or other landscape features.
Lot and Land Clearing
Whether you are clearing a lot for new construction or need room for expansion/ additions of an existing structure, we are equipped to provide clearing and removal of trees and brush to your specifications.
Commercial Services
We can also provide services to commercial as well as residential properties. Contact us for a free consultation.
24-Hour Emergency Services
Jimmy Boy stands ready to provide emergency service to maintain the safety of the homeowner and the integrity of their property. Contact us and we will return your call as soon as possible.
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landscaping and tree care, we have quality in mind!

landscaping and tree care, we have quality in mind!